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What if I need course materials that aren't listed below?

We're working on getting all the latest, greatest aviation training curriculum available here, but some courses have files that are so big that it just doesn't work.
If you need course materials for an upcoming course and don't see it listed below, send an email to iat_admin@ios.doi.gov. Include the course(s) you will be teaching, the course delivery date and a mailing address that FedEx can deliver to.

IMPORTANT: For planning purposes, allow 10 business days to receive the materials.

CourseLast Revision Date
M3 - DOI Aviation Management Training for Supervisors05/23/2014
A-100 - Basic Aviation Safety11/26/2013
A-109 - Aviation Radio Use05/2001
A-110 - Aviation Transportation of Hazardous Materials05/2005
A-112 - Mission Planning & Flight Request Process06/2001
A-115 - Automated Flight Following (AFF)08/11/2015
A-204 - Aircraft Capabilities & Limitations10/2001
A-205 - Risk Management I04/17/2015
A-208 - Aircraft and Pilot Approval05/29/2014
A-219 - Helicopter Transport of External Cargo02/05/2014
A-225 - IAT Instructor Update10/17/2014
A-303 - Human Factors in Aviation04/30/2014
A-304 - Aircraft Maintenance04/23/2014
A-305 - Risk Management II03/04/2015
A-307 - Aviation Policy and Regulations II08/20/2014
A-309 - Helicopter Flight Manuals02/2006
A-310 - Overview of Crew Resource Management01/27/2014
A-311 - Aviation Planning03/27/2014
A-312 - Water Ditching and Survival05/08/2014


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