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To help us quickly identify your IAT account, please include as many details as possible, such as your middle name, old email addresses, previous agencies or units you were with, previous city or state locations you worked, etc. The more information you give us, especially if you have a common name, the quicker we will locate your profile. Thank you! - IAT Help Desk Team


Please Note: Using your PIV card does not mean the e-mail address in your account is your government e-mail address. Your PIV card is not a "connection" between your card and IAT, your card and, or your card and your work e-email address. It is an "authentication method" only. Other authentication methods are "recieving a text message with a code", or using an "authentication phone app" like Microsoft Authenticator.

99.9% of the hundreds of help desk requests we have received were because the users account had the users personal e-mail address in it, not their government e-mail address. To make the connection, the e-mail address in both and need to match.

Don't know what e-mail address your account uses?