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Fiscal Year IAT Summary Reports

IAT Fiscal Year 2023 Summary

 IAT FY 2023 Summary Report.pdf
This report is a high level look at all student completion data within IAT for this fiscal year as well as data from all fiscal years. It does not contain detailed bureau/agency data, it is intended as a high level summary. To see more detailed bureau/agency data please view any of the other bureau/agency reports listed on this page.

 All IAT Training Plans
This report lists all training plans currently available to each IAT organization, including custom plans.

 FY 2023 IAT Help Desk Statistics
This report contains information on help desk requests we have recieved throughout the year. In early 2018 we provided a way for users to submit help desk requests through the site that allows us to track them and manage them better. We made this new method available in March 2018, so the report only has a partial year of 2018 data. Additionally many requests still come to us via telephone and direct email so they may not appear in this report, we do our best to get those entered into the site so they can be tracked. Also note, users do not always choose the correct category, we try to correct those when we see them come through.


Note: Not all DOI Bureau reports were created, if your Bureau is not shown here and you require a report, send an e-mail to request it be included on this page. If you have any questions, suggestions, problems or need more information please email iat_admin@ios.doi.gov