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Help & User Support

Need Assistance?

The IAT Helpdesk is available to help you with password reset problems, troubleshoot any issues you are having, or answer questions. The best way to contact our helpdesk is by using the link below to fill out and submit a request to our IAT Support Team.

Contact the IAT Support Team 
Help Desk Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Mountain Time. Closed on Weekends and Federal Holidays.

If you have questions about your training requirements please visit the Interagency Aviation Training Guide or you may contact a training representative in your Agency/Bureau.

Help & Support Topics

Password & Login Issues
  • Password Reset: Can't remember your login information? Have you tried the "Forgot username / password?" link. In most cases if you put in your First Name, Last Name (Exactly as they are listed in your profile) and a good email address you should be able to have a password reset link emailed to you.

  • Profile Inactive: Having trouble logging in and are recieving a message that your account is inactive? Make sure you are using the correct username. A username in IAT is almost always your first initial and last name, all lower case. If you have a common name like Joe Smith, your username could be jsmith39, so double check you are using the correct username and if you still have trouble contact the IAT Support Team.

  • Duplicate Profile: Are you receiving a message about the posibility of a duplicate profile when you try to create a new profile? Many users create duplicate profiles because they want to get in and get their training completed immediately. We understand this and want to help you to get logged in to begin taking that important training as quickly as possible, but having your training records scattered over multiple profiles is not good. Please contact our IAT Support Team to help you find an old profile or create a new profile if needed.

I failed an exam! What do I do now?

The exams in IAT are set to allow you 5 attempts to complete them, if you fail all 5 attempts you will need to follow the instructions below to Withdraw and Re-Register for a course to have another 5 attempts.

  • To retake an exam immediately, go to your 'Overview tab' click the 'Withdraw' button for that course, then find the course again using the 'Find a Course' tab, 're-register' for the course. You can go through the course again to refresh your memory or you can click the 'Take Exam' button, to retake the exam right away.
    Note: Any progress you acquired while watching a video type course will not be lost when you withdraw and re-register.

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Video Issues (Online Courses) Video Progress Problems

Many online courses in IAT are video type courses, these videos are stored in YouTube and your watch history is stored in the IAT system. If you are unable to access YouTube you will not be able to take these courses.

In order to complete a video course you are required to watch all the videos to completion before the exam button will appear.

  • Video progress is tracked and permanently stored in the IAT system for all videos watched.
  • You must watch all the videos in a course within 14 days or they will expire.
  • You are required to watch each video to completion before the checkmark will appear.
  • You will not receive any progress if you fast forward through a video.

The majority of students do not experience any problems with video progress while taking online courses. If you do, we suggest you clear your web browser's cache/history and make sure you are using a recommended browser. If you still have problems, contact the IAT Support Team for assistance.

YouTube Video Errors

Recently (Feb 2020) YouTube errors have began popping up while watching videos on the website. The specific error users are seeing is: "An error occurred, please try again later. (Playback ID:....)". If you receive this error here are some things to try to resolve it:

  1. If you have a VPN running, disconnect or suspend it. Then refresh the course video page to see if that corrected the issue.
  2. Clear your web browser's cache/history
  3. Make sure you are not "Logged In" to YouTube.
  4. If you have any type of Ad blocking addon installed you will need to disable it. (You might have an ad blocker running and not even know, instructions for Chrome)
  5. Refresh the page, hold the Ctrl Key + F5 to hard refresh the page.
  6. If you are still unable to get the videos to load you will want to try another PC (home PC is ok) or a mobile device. Or try a different browser such as Microsoft Edge.

Recommended Browsers

IAT recommends using the latest version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge for maximum compatibility.

While recent versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and other browsers may work with our site, these are not tested for compatibility with every feature of the IAT site and could cause issues for you.

Also, keep in mind that our support staff only has access to Chrome and Microsoft browsers and will be unable to walk you through any issues you may experience with other browsers.

Clearing Cache/History

Sometimes it is necessary to clear your web browser's temporary files, this is called "cache". If you need help figuring out how to accomplish this for your web browser please visit the link below:

Mac - Apple

You may certainly use a Mac to access IAT, however our staff will not able to provide you with support, they do not have the equipment or knowledge to provide support for Mac users.

Mobile Devices

IAT is not optimized for use by most mobile devices like iPads and cell phones, you may still browse the site and might have success using your device to take some courses or register for classes, however a Windows based computer is the recommended device for registering and completing courses.