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A-110 Aviation Transportation of Hazardous Materials

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not pass with 100% there is a waiting period between exam attempts. We encourage you to use the time between attempts to gain a better understanding of the material before taking the exam a second time.

However, if needed, you can withdraw from the class and re-register to take the exam again immediately by going to your Overview tab, clicking the "Withdraw" button and finding the class again to register for it. This will allow you to go to the Course and retake the exam.

The DOI and USFS are able to carry HAZMAT with a special permit, DOT SP 9198. The special permit allows relief from certain requirements from the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR). It allows the use of aircraft that are under contract and operational control of DOI/USFS and other agencies to carry items identified as HAZMAT.

Strict adherence to hazardous materials transportation requirements is critical to maintaining a safe working environment. Failure to comply with these requirements may put the permit at risk, causing either suspension or revocation, and expose our organizations to penalties prescribed by the hazardous materials transportation laws.

To ensure complete knowledge DOI and USFS along with the DOT/FAA require all users to receive a 100% score on the A-110 Transportation of Hazardous Materials exam.

You do have the opportunity to take this exam again and the exam is open book! We encourage you to have the Aviation Transport of Hazardous Materials Guide/Handbook on hand as you proceed through the course and especially the exam.

Aviation Transport of Hazardous Materials Handbook/Guide

Interagency Tech Bulletin 2017-02: Aviation Transport of Hazardous Materials



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On rare occassion the exam functionality will report a failure to retrieve the next question in an exam. If this happens, you will need to clear particular cookie(s) from your web browser. The following steps will show you how to achieve this without disrupting your other browser settings.

In Google Chrome

Google Chrome


1. Open the Settings dialog box

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2. Click on "Show advanced settings"

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3. Click on the button labeled "Content Settings" under the Privacy heading

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4. Click on the button labeled "All Cookies and Site Data"

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5. Type in "IAT" in the search box

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6. Click on the X next to the found cookie(s) to remove


7. When you return to www.iat.gov you'll be prompted to log back in, after which you'll need to navigate back to the course lesson plan page and then back to the exam. The system will remember which question you answered last and will have the next question loaded and ready for you.


The site was tested to work with Google Chrome or Internet Explore version 9.0 or later as the primary browsers. Users may experience problems with functionality if they are using a different browser such as Internet Explorer 7 or 8 and Firefox.

Recommended browsers:

Google Chrome
Google Chrome
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What does "Additional Verification Required" mean?
Check out this article which will provide a detailed explanation of the additional verification required symbol found in many of the compliance reports throughout IAT.

What roles are available to users?
Below is a basic description of each of the roles available in IAT:

  • Student - any user whose purpose is to take aviation training
  • Supervisor - users with direct reports in the system
  • Unit Aviation Training Administrator (UATA) - a user that manages the aviation training needs for a specific local unit, such as a Refuge, District Office, Field Office, Forest, Park, etc.
  • Aviation Manager - a user that oversees the aviation training on a regional or national level. This user is usually equivalent to a Regional or National Aviation Manager.
  • Instructor - qualified users that have completed the instructor vertification process.
  • Leadership - an executive level user that requires a dashboard of information to assess the overall health of an organization's aviation training.

Can a user have more than one role in IAT?
It is very common for a user that is a student to also have the role of aviation manager, supervisor or instructor. IAT allows you to toggle between all of your assigned roles easily. The purpose of the role segregation is to simplify the task decisions you make when using the system for a specific purpose. Student and Supervisor roles are created at sign-up. Other roles, such as Aviation Training Administrator, are assigned by your organization’s management in conjunction with the OAS Training Division or the USFS National Aviation Training Manager.

What has changed about aviation training instructor functionality?
One improvement we've made to the system is the way in which instructor qualifications are handled. Prior to IAT, only manual systems were available to review instructor qualifications required by OPM 4 for DOI personnel and the IAT Guide for USFS personnel. Now the qualifications can be tracked via IAT. Instructors can add course offerings for those courses they are qualified to teach. If any instructors believe that the qualifications are not accurately reflected, please send an email to iat_admin@ios.doi.gov so we can get it corrected.

I am a DOI fleet pilot, how can I view the record of my CEUs?
You will have the ability to view your CEUs. Enhancements are being done to automate giving credit for aviation training courses that was not done in the past. This functionality is not yet working. The developers are working to complete it. If you have an evaluation ride, or need a record of your CEUs before it is complete, please send an email to iat_admin@ios.doi.gov. We can retrieve the record by checking the back end database. To date, we have turned each of these requests around in no more than 1 business day.

Will there be additional enhancements in the future?
Our development strategy is to provide updates and enhancements to the system periodically throughout the year. This way we can get new high demand functionality to you quickly and still continue to work on other added features that will make your aviation training experience even better. Just like you, we want to have a system that is continually improving and adaptive to the ever changing needs of our aviation community.

What if I need help with IAT?
Please send an email to iat_admin@ios.doi.gov. If it is extremely time sensitive, call (208) 433-5093.



If you are experiencing problems viewing the Modules that run with the Flash Player, please make sure you have the most current version of the Flash Player installed. Many times just shutting down your browser and reloading the module will resolve the issue. If that is not the case, please read the following information that may assist you in resolving Flash issues.

Before upgrading your Flash plugin, Adobe reccommends uninstalling older versions, please read their information on troubleshooting Flash Player problems. Troubleshoot Adobe Flash Player installation for Windows (http://www.adobe.com/go/tn_19166)

In some cases Flash may not have installed properly on your PC, if this is the case you may not see the text in the module or the module may behave strangely. In order to correct this problem you will need to uninstall Flash and re-install it. This may require support from your IT staff to accomplish. Please visit the Adobe web site for instructions on uninstalling Flash. How to uninstall the Adobe Flash Player plug-in and ActiveX control (http://www.adobe.com/go/tn_14157)

You can check your Macromedia Flash & Shockwave players at this site to see what version you are running and also upgrade:

Flash Download Site

Please Note:  Many Agencies have policies which require Administrators to install software on a User's PC.  You may be unaware that your plug-ins were not successfully installed.  Please contact your computer support personnel to assist you in installing these plug-ins if you are having difficulties.

Forest Service employees if you are unable to view the online modules please call Customer Help Desk at 1-866-945-1354 to update your computer with the latest version of Flash. Please accomplish this before contacting the IAT support staff.

FOREST SERVICE SPECIFIC ADOBE PROBLEMS (FWS users may also experience this problem)

Forest Service Employees - If you are receiving error messages similar to these:
Flash Error

Flash Error

You will need to make a slight adjustment in your web browser's settings. Recent security changes on the website have caused a conflict with the settings in your web browser.

Go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab > Scroll down to the Security section and Uncheck “Do not save encrypted pages to disk.” Then close your web browser and re-open it. You should then be able to run any of the modules that were previosuly giving you an error.
If you are unable to get to these settings, you can also try clicking on the Start button > Control Panel and Internet Options > Advanced tab > Scroll down to the Security section and Uncheck “Do not save encrypted pages to disk.” Then close your web browser and re-open it.

A-106 & A-110 PROBLEMS
If you are experiencing problems loading module A-106 or A-110, please try loading the Shockwave Player.  Although the Shockwave player is not required to run any of the modules, in some cases this seems to resolve the problem.

We also suggest that you reinstall the Flash player, and reboot your computer after installation of both plugins.

Please Note:  Many Agencies have policies which require Administrators to install software on a User's PC.  You may be unaware that your plug-ins were not successfully installed.  Please contact your computer support personnel to assist you in installing these plug-ins if you are having difficulties.