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IAT External Equivalency Upload Guide

This guide outlines the step-by-step process for uploading your external course certificates into your IAT transcript, frequently asked questions about the process and equivalencies, a history of equivalencies offered in IAT throughout the years and a quick reference PDF document to help you determine what equivalencies you will receive.

Please feel free to contact the IAT Admin with any other questions you may have.

Before you begin the process below take a few moments to get your PDF document(s) ready. Make sure they are oriented properly so that the reviewer can read them. Name them approprietly, example S271_Smith_1998.pdf. Documents named with a really long title or extra punctuation such as commas or extra periods could cause problems for those reviewing them and could cause delays in getting them approved.

Login & Goto Your Transcript Page

Login to your IAT account.

If you have more than one IAT Role choose the Student Role

Click on the Transcript tab

Scroll down the transcript page until you see the External Equivalencies section.

Click the Submit New External Course Equivalency Record button

Click Proceed if you have your PDF document ready and you will be sent to the External Course Upload Form.

External Course Upload Form

External Course: Select the NWCG S course or other course you want to receive A Course equivalencies for. (Required Field)

The course name may differ from your certificate. e.g. S-271 was titled "S-217 Interagency Helicopter Training Guide" up until 2004.

Delivery Method: Select the delivery method used for the class you attended. (Required Field)

This will be Residential Classroom in most cases.

Course Name: Type the name of the class that is listed on your certificate. (Required Field)

Location: Type the name of City, ST you took the course. (Optional Field)

This is sometimes listed on your certificate, should you have trouble recalling the location.

Completion Date: The date you completed the course. (Required Field)

If the course ran for multiple days, please list the last date shown on your certificate.

Hours: The number of hours of instruction you received. (Optional Field)

If you are unable to recall how many hours the course was you can either leave this field blank or use the IAT External Equivalency Quick Reference Document which lists the current hours for the NWCG S Courses.

Notes: Any information that you feel may help the verifier approve your certificate. (Optional Field)

If your certificate is blurry or difficult to read you can enter that information in this field to speed up the verification process.

Certificate: Click Add Attachment to attach your certificate to the form. (Required Field)

Only PDF documents are allowed as attachments, if you are unable to create a PDF document contact your IT department for assistance.

Clear, Cancel or Submit Buttons: Clicking Clear will clear the form and allow you to start over. Clicking Cancel will send you back to your Transcript page. Submit will submit the form for verification.

Depending on the course you are submitting for equivalency the verifier may be your UATA or the IAT Admin. For more information on who and how your upload will be approved please see the Frequently Asked Questions tab at the top of this page.

Completed: Once you have submitted the form you will receive a confirmation box noting that the course has been saved and offering you the option of creating and uploading another certificate.

Status of Uploaded Certificate(s)

Revisit the Transcript tab

Scroll down the transcript page until you see the External Equivalencies section.

Pending Approvals will be shown in the External Equivalencies section of your transcript page along with contact information about who will be verifying and approving your certificate.

Approved certificates will be shown in the External Equivalencies section of your transcript page. You can click on the certificate icon to view the certificate you uploaded. Additionally, Verifiers have the ability to attach supporting documents to your transcript if your certicate required other approvals such as from a National Aviation Manager. These additional supporting documents are shown as an icon with a V designating "Verification Document" in your transcript next to the certificate you uploaded.