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How to Create a Login.gov Account

Login.gov will soon be the authentication method for all IAT users to sign in to their IAT profiles.

If you already have a Login.gov account, you can use that existing account to sign in to IAT (assuming your Login.gov account and your IAT profile both use the same email address).

If you do not have a Login.gov account, the following steps will guide you through the creation process:

  1. Enter your email address

    Go to https://secure.login.gov/sign_up/enter_email. (This link will open in a new tab)

    Login.gov - Enter Email Address

    Enter your email address, select your language preference, and check the box to confirm the Login.gov Rules of Use.

    The best email address to use in your Login.gov account is the same email you have listed in your IAT profile. The email address can be listed in the Primary, Recovery or Other email address field in your IAT profile.

    Click the Submit button.

  2. Confirm your email address

    Check your email for a confirmation request from Login.gov.

    Confirm Email

    Click the Confirm your email address button in the email message. This will take you back to the Login.gov website.

  3. Create a strong password

    Passwords must be at least 12 characters and should not include commonly used words or phrases.

    Create Password

    Click the Continue button.

  4. Authentication method setup

    Login.gov requires you to set up a secondary authentication method to keep your account secure as an added layer of protection. This is referred to as two-factor authentication (2FA).

    Authentication Method

    Federal Employees and Military personnel may select Government Employee ID, this will allow you to use your PIV/CAC card to sign in to IAT via Login.gov

    While only one secondary authentication method is required, we encourage you to add two methods for authentication to your Login.gov account. If you lose access to your primary authentication method (i.e., losing your phone), you'll have a second option to gain access to your Login.gov account.

    Examples of authentication methods available are:

    • More secure
      • Face or touch unlock
      • Security key
      • Authentication application
      • Federal government employee or military identification (PIV/CAC)
    • Less secure
      • Text/voice message
      • Backup codes

    Click the Continue button. You will be taken through the process of authenticating by the option(s) you chose.

    Once authenticated, your Login.gov account is active.

    After logging in to Login.gov, you will be taken to your Login.gov account page. You can add additional authentication methods, email addresses, phone numbers or update any of your information on your Login.gov account page.

  5. If you have other questions about Login.gov, please visit our Login.gov Frequently Asked Questions.

    Need Assistance?

    Contact the IAT Help Desk , our helpdesk is available to assist you with any questions you may have about Login.gov.

    Help Desk Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Mountain Time. Closed on Weekends and Federal Holidays.