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What is Login.gov?

Login.gov is a service that offers secure and private online access to government systems, such as the Social Security Administration, Veterans Administration, and the Small Business Administration. With a login.gov account, you can sign in to multiple government websites with the same email address and password, your PIV card (Personal Identity Verification Card) or, CAC card (Common Access Card).

How will Login.gov affect my IAT profile?

Frequently Asked Questions about Login.gov

Why is IAT using Login.gov?

Executive Order (EO) 14028 - "Improving the Nation's Cybersecurity" (issued May 12, 2021) requires agencies to enhance cybersecurity and software supply chain integrity.

What is multi-factor authentication?

Multi-factor authentication (sometimes referred to as "two-factor authentication") adds an additional layer of security to your account by requiring another piece of information to sign in.

Authentication methods come in different forms, and you will be able to choose the form of authentication that works best for you. Examples of options you may be familiar with include receiving a short code via a text message or a phone call.

What will happen to my IAT profile?

Nothing will happen to the information stored in your IAT profile. Once you set up a Login.gov account, you will continue to use IAT to access your profile, training records, classes taught, and all the other areas and roles you normally use within IAT.

What do I need to create a Login.gov account?

You will need a valid email address. Preferably an email address that you will always have access to. For example, if you are a seasonal employee who loses access to your work email during certain times of the year, we suggest you use a personal email address that you always have acccess to. Whatever email address you use to create your Login.gov account it should match one of the email addresses listed in your IAT profile.

Please visit Create a Login.gov Account.

If I already have a Login.gov account, do I need to create a new one?

No. If you have an existing Login.gov account, for example to access another government systems, you can use that existing Login.gov account to connect to your existing IAT profile or create a new IAT profile if you are a new IAT user. The email address listed in your IAT profile needs to match the email address associated with your Login.gov account.

Login and visit your IAT Profile tab

How do I get a Login.gov account?

Please visit our How to Create a Login.gov Account page.

After reading the How to Create a Login.gov Account page instructions, I still have questions?

Please visit our IAT Help Desk Request form to ask your question or request assistance.

I have forgotten my Login.gov password, What should I do?

Please visit the Login.gov Forgot your password page.

What should I do if I am having problems creating or logging into my Login.gov account?

Please visit our How to Create a Login.gov Account page or Login.gov's Trouble signing in? page for assistance with your Login.gov account.

I want to change my Login.gov authentication method.

To change your authentication method, access your Login.gov account and review the authentication methods offered. Please note if you have lost access to your authentication method, then you must delete your Login.gov account and start with a new registration. For your security, there is a 24-hour waiting period before you can re-register a new account with Login.gov.

Please visit Add or change your authentication method

Please visit Delete your account

Can I use an international phone number as a two-factor authentication method to receive SMS (text messaging) and/or phone calls?

Yes. You can use an international phone number to receive SMS and/or phone calls when setting up your authentication method. Please refer to Login.gov's International phone number support page to see if Login.gov supports SMS and/or phone calls for your country.

When I try to create a Login.gov account, I receive a message that the email address I am using is already registered. What should I do?

If you receive a message that the email address you are entering when you are registering a new Login.gov account is already registered, this simply means that you have previously created a Login.gov account.

Please visit the Login.gov Forgot your password page.

I have multiple employees in my unit that are seasonal, traditionally we have used one email address to allow them to create IAT profiles and take the training they are required to complete. How do I now manage multiple IAT profiles with Login.gov?

You may no longer use one email address for multiple IAT profiles. Each IAT profile must contain a unique email address. If you need multiple accounts, each of those accounts must have a seperate email address and a seperate Login.gov account.

Need Assistance?

Contact the IAT Help Desk , our helpdesk is available to assist you with any questions you may have about Login.gov.

Help Desk Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Mountain Time. Closed on Weekends and Federal Holidays.