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How to Sign In to IAT with Login.gov

  1. Click the link labeled "Login" in the top right section of the IAT home page.

    IAT Login Top

  2. Click the button labeled "Sign In with Login.gov".

    IAT Login Page

  3. On the Login.gov sign in page, PIV/CAC users will click the link below the "Sign in" button.

    Users without PIV/CAC cards will enter their email address and password. Then they will be presented with their secondary authentication method, e.g., text message, authenticator phone app, or other method.

    PIV Card Login

  4. PIV/CAC card users will be asked to do several more steps to login with their cards

    Insert your PIV/CAC card into the card reader for your PC and click the "Insert your PIV/CAC" button.

    PIV Certificate Selection

    Select the correct certificate, usually this will be the one with your name and click "Ok".

    PIV Certificate Selection

    Type in your PIN number and click "OK".

    PIV Pin Entry

    You will be asked to agree with Login.gov sharing your information with IAT.gov, click the "Agree and continue" button.

    Login.gov Agree Page
    Note: This question will be asked the first time you login with your PIV/CAC card, subsequent logins will not require this.

  5. You should now be forwarded on to the IAT site, if you have more than one IAT role you should be on the "Select Role" page.

    If you only have the Student role you will be on your Student Overview tab.

    IAT Roles Page

Please Note: Using your PIV card does not mean the e-mail address in your Login.gov account is your government e-mail address. Your PIV card is not a "connection" between your card and IAT, your card and Login.gov, or your card and your work e-email address. It is an "authentication method" only. Other authentication methods are "recieving a text message with a code", or using an "authentication phone app" like Microsoft Authenticator.

99.9% of the hundreds of help desk requests we have received were because the users Login.gov account had the users personal e-mail address in it, not their government e-mail address. To make the connection, the e-mail address in both IAT.gov and Login.gov need to match.

Don't know what e-mail address your Login.gov account uses?