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A-223 Anchorage (Dec 2017)
Course Code
Course Name
Water Ditching and Survival Train-The-Trainer
Registration Dates
8/9/2017 thru 11/27/2017
Delivery Dates
12/4/2017 thru 12/7/2017
Delivery Times
8:30 AM thru 5:00 PM AKT
Class Length
Delivery Method
Residential Classroom

Please ensure that your IAT profile is updated with your most current e-mail. Basic Water Rescue is included in the course . This course is divided into two parts; a classroom portion and a pool portion. You will be getting wet in the pool and should plan accordingly. Please bring a lock for securing your item in the locker room. If you require more information about this course, please contact David Kreutzer (OAS Training Specialist) cell 907 280 7631 office 907 271-6032

Primary Instructor
Kreutzer, David
Assistant Instructor(s)
Alicia Stearns
Jonathan Harris

Training Location
OAS Alaska Regional Office
4405 Lear Court
Anchorage, AK 99502

Driving directions to 4405 Lear Ct, Anchorage, AK 99502 1. Get on International Airport Road toward the airport (west) 2. Turn right onto Rutan Place - After the railroad tracks ( look for the signs for - Aviation Avenue is the location to turn) 3. Turn left onto Lear Ct as soon as you get off International Airport Road 4. Drive the road between the upside down building and International Airport Road 5. Sign to look for are Aviation Management Directorate - Destination will be on the left if you end up on Aviation Avenue you went too far.

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