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Human Factors for Aviation Managers
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This course includes the following modules: (1) Introduction to Advanced Human Factors (2) Situational Awareness (3) Communications (4) Decision Theory and Decision Traps and (5) Leadership and Dealing with Change. The objectives for each module are: Introduction to Advanced Human Factor Introduce the evolution of human factors concepts as they relate to accident prevention Introduce current concepts from modern human factors researchers (Reason, Shappell and Weigmann) Communications; Define what constitutes "communications" in the aviation environment Discuss the elements of the communications m odel Identify methods and techniques to improve communications Decision Theory and Decision Traps; Identify the two general categories in decision making theory Introduce Kahneman and Tversky's "Prospect Theory" Highlight the "Framing Effect" Identify heuristics and biases and methods to control them Leadership and Dealing with Change; Identify the difference between managers and leaders Identify the most common executive focuses Identify principles for leading change
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8 Hours

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