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2020 Aviation Centered Education (ACE)

ACE events are a great venue to complete your required aviation safety training, meet with your agency aviation leaders, and network with others from DOI and USFS.

If you are in need of keeping your aviation safety training qualifications current for DOI bureaus or USDA Forest Service positions, the 2020 ACE events offer the following courses:

A-100 Basic Aviation Safety
A-200 Mishap Review
A-205 Risk Management I
A-208 Aircraft and Pilot Approval
A-302 Personal Responsibility & Liability
A-303 Human Factors in Aviation
A-304 Aircraft Maintenance
A-305 Risk Management II
A-306 Aviation Contract Administration
A-307 Aviation Policy and Regulations II
A-309 Helicopter Flight Manuals
N9059 Crew Resource Management 7 Skills (USFS) (A-310 equivalency)
A-311 Aviation Planning
A-312 Water Ditching and Survival
A-314 Aviation Program Overview for Forest Service Agency Administrators
A-455 Overview of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS)
M-3 DOI Aviation Management Training for Supervisors
**Special Topic - Dispatcher Resources
**Special Topic - IAT Website User Overview
**Special Topic - USFS & OAS Open Forum Q & A (Phoenix ACE)

For those unfamiliar with ACE:
ACE events offer DOI bureaus and USFS employees, who function in aviation specific positions or possess aviation management duties and responsibilities, with required aviation safety education and training to ensure we use aviation safely and effectively. Many of the offerings include (but are not limited to) mishap prevention policies, procedures, safe operating practices, resource management, data management, contracting, and billing. Additional ACE events will be scheduled in varied geographic regions.

The ACE format provides employees with the flexibility to attend only those classes that are relevant/required for their respective aviation position(s) or responsibilities. Most important, it provides field units with qualified, trained employees that are ready to support agency operations.

Registration is now open for the Alaska ACE scheduled March 9-13, 2020 in Anchorage, AK.

Registration is now open for the Southwest ACE scheduled April 13-17, 2020 in Phoenix, AZ.

JAN 2020

A-220 Train-The-Trainer

Registration is now Open for the A-220 Train-The-Trainer in Palm Desert, CA being held 02/24/2020 thru 02/28/2020