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Webinar Schedule

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Code Course Title Instructor Delivery Start Date
A-225IAT Instructor UpdateDavid KreutzerWebinar10/15/2020
A-310Overview of Crew Resource ManagementDavid KreutzerWebinar11/24/2020
A-225IAT Instructor UpdateDavid KreutzerWebinar11/24/2020
A-225IAT Instructor UpdateAmy KazmierWebinar9/30/2020
A-225IAT Instructor UpdateAmy KazmierWebinar12/2/2020
A-311Aviation PlanningAmy Kazmier Registration Opens: 9/30/202012/1/2020
A-452RSmall Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) Remote Pilot Refresher TrainingJohn VogelWebinar10/28/2020
A-452RSmall Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) Remote Pilot Refresher TrainingJohn VogelWebinar12/2/2020
A-200Mishap ReviewBud Instructor Registration Opens: 6/1/20306/6/2030
A-325RWater Ditching and Survival - Academic RefresherDavid KreutzerWebinar10/15/2020
A-314Aviation Program Overview for Forest Service Agency AdministratorsJustin VernonWebinar10/28/2020
A-311Aviation PlanningAmy KazmierWebinar10/22/2020
A-205Risk Management IAmy KazmierWebinar9/29/2020
A-303Human Factors in AviationDavid KreutzerWebinar11/23/2020
Important Note: These delivery dates are subject to change based on a number of external factors.