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Interagency Aviation Training participants, please review the following information which addresses how bureau partners are adjusting to deal with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact on training delivery and services. Please continue to monitor for additional information.

Policy Exception to DOI Fleet Pilot Flight Evaluations (351DM3, OPM-16 and OPM-22) 2021-05-12

Standards for Aviation Operations in Response to the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), National Interagency Aviation Committee

FWS-AK Memorandum: COVID-19 Delayed Completion Requirement for A-312 Water Ditching and Survival for Region 11 Employees

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IAT Bulletin 22-02 Postponement of In-Person ACE Events & Alternatives to Meet Requirements

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OAS-84 Helicopter Passenger Briefing

OAS Training Branch Monthly Training Project Status

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2022 A-450 Interagency UAS Training Schedule

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2021 IAT Guide

IAT Requirements Matrix 2021
(Extracted from the 2021 IAT Guide)

One-Way NWCG Position to IAT Position Crosswalk
(Extracted from the 2021 IAT Guide)

DOI OPM-04 Aviation User Training Program

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S Course Equivalency for IAT Modules
(Extracted from the 2021 IAT Guide)

IAT External Equivalency Upload Guide

One-Way NWCG S Course to A Course Equivalency Timeline

External Equivalency Timeline Quick Reference Document

Bulletins & Briefings

IAT Bulletin 22-02 Postponement of In-Person ACE Events & Alternatives to Meet Requirements

IAT Bulletin 22-01 Aviation Training 'No Show' & 'Double-Bookings' Challenges

USFS Training Bulletin 2022-01: Interagency Aviation Training FY2021 Summary Report Findings

USFS Training Bulletin 2021-01: Aviation Training Requirements (Fire and Resource)

DOI Training Bulletin 2020-01: Training Delivery Response to COVID 19

USFS Briefing Paper: "CRM 7 Skills" equivalent to "A-310 Overview of Crew Resource Management"